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Welcome to B-GERZY ‘s world .
? It all started off as a
4 year old boy. My mother Selina Morris had a group named “Praise” which was her own group of friends…..and at the same time. she was apart of another group which consisted of her very own bother’s and sisters. You see I had it good growing up around music because my whole family sing and everybody around us. here in this little town called “Lakewood” there is generations of talent in my blood line. My name is “Shannon Morris” most call me BG but I call myself B Gerzy “The R&B Gangsta” and believe me there is a real good reason behind my name.
basically I represent the whole New Jersey because I am well known by most in Jersey for what I do……….”Singing” I mean singing they say calms a savage beast, and I know that I have a reason on this earth which is to calm the savage beast of the world with the talent that has been given to me from God.
You see I came up mimicking artist such as Boy’z 2 Men, Jodicy, Carl Thomas, Music Soul Child, D’Angelo, Brian McNight, Shy, Usher, Mint Condition, Parlament Funkadelic, to which the base player of the group is my uncle “Cordell Boogie Mosson” But any way back to me and who I am…..I come from a good back round to which God is first in my life, and this is what the “Morris” and “Terry” family teach there kid’s is how to get to know the Lord. So that should tell you that I grew up in church “Singing”……then came school “Singing”…… then came jail which was where I did a whole lot of singing. I mean singing calms the savage beast inside of me……I sing when I am happy, I sing because I am free, I sing to you and who ever for happiness is why I sing. Now here comes the big bang of my life……..my daddy is a singer as well ,but that is not the only thing that comes with my father. This man made me his son of 47 children……. and that makes him a “Rolling Stone” but I know 20 of the 47 out in Asbury Park Monmouth County area….The Mc Millen family, the Witticker family, and Pevie family, the Sims family……….so best believe I have a big family and my hood loves me!!!!!! Mostly Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middle Sex County, Atlantic County and when I say I am well known I mean it. All my life I ‘ve Preformed at live Shows, Party’s, walking in the streets, Clubs, every where I go I sing and I have not put out a single or album and I am now headed in that direction as a artist. And I will not become a one hit wonder but I will become a career artist. I have family to think about and a world to enjoy them with before I return back to the earth from witch I came. And I do not plan on taken my money to the grave with me……..but I will die some body and a friend to you threw my music. I feel it is my purpose inf Life ,Health, and Strength and gift from God. Peace!!!!!! I am B Gerzy and this is my BIO.
(Facebook) SHANNON MORRIS (E-MAIL) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
JUDITH ( SUKARI-JUDY THE CLOWN) RAPHAEL- and founder of GLOBAL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. INC/ ARTIST/RADIO PERSONALITY/ CLOWN/MC/MODEL: place of Birth- Brooklyn, New York, USA Height - 5’9” Biography: Sukari defined means sweet sugar from Nigeria. Sukari in my terms means essence from a woman. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Long Island by foster parents, has since been on her own since the age of 18. Judith begin singing and performing in the school’s local choir at the early age of nine. Here she developed a model’s attitude and R&B flavor discovering her new found talent. Raised up in the inner city of Long Island, there were many sides of black urban life, many negative influences were witnessed by so many youths. Destiny caused me to lash out at talent shows and recording tracks. The most influential people in my life were Anita Baker, Patti Labelle and Luther Vandross whom encourage my performances in shows. Accomplishments: ,,
Community Involvement -HPAC -Parent Coaches, Majora Carter Group
Team Management
- Managed music groups
- Make Music New York EVERY JUNE 21ST
- Double Shotta Music

Songs performed and wrote -“Give Me One More Chance”, -“This Love We Share”, -“Baby Surrender”, -“What Is It I Do For You”

Performances -Club Shrine, -Club 133 2005 -Vida Social Club, -Solid Women (Featured Model), -Large Encounters
Business of Music Associate -CoCo Nation (Booking Agent/Publicist Television Features/Acting, -Public Access Broadcasting Shows -Chippo African Movie,-Inter Planetary Rapper,-BCAT, BSTV and MTV Host,-Internet Broadcasting Show (Engineered and Editor) 2008- lunched her own Radio -“Real Talk After Dark” Radio .com where community and unsigned artist get shine (Host)
Internet Activity -YouTube, Google and Yahoo Search Engine.
My mission is to transform and focus on theater and film. Which allows me to articulate different characters.
2009- Won best (Reggae R&B artist award from USI Awards show (I Don't Know)
2011- Launched her own company (Global Music Entertainment Inc)

R&B superstar Bobby V has been busy recording his anticipated new EP 'Peach Moon,' which has been led by the soulful single "Back To Love. "

The forthcoming project will showcase the R&B star in a new way, and shine a light on his progressing artistry. "The concept of 'Peach Moon' came from me playing the piano and touring with my band. My fans encouraged me to step outside the box and create a album that was equivalent to my live show," explains Bobby.

Speaking of his live show, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes visual of Bobby V on tour in Europe alongside Ryan Leslie and Keith Sweat.

YouTube Link


Patrick M Cornish

East Coast Digital Radio

On December 28th of 1987, 17 year old Stefanie gave birth to Stefon "Yung Stef" Jackson on the southside of Chicago. Growing up in some of the roughest environments influenced his character as a whole. Being the oldest of 7, he knew what it took to be a leader. He was introduced by music early in his life. Coming up he listened to underground Chicago artist such as Twista, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict, and others. He often watched his uncles rap and harmonizing hooks, and that gave him the inspiration that he needed to work hard and take music seriously. While attempting to focus on music, he got side tracked by what the streets had to offer. At the early age of 19 Yung Stef was arrested on 6 felony drug charges. He then bonded out and got off with probation for his crimes.

After giving birth to a baby girl, Yung Stef decided he would give his music career a serious chance. In 2010 he released his first mixtape entitled "First 48". The name came about because the mixtape was completed in 2 days. He showed the world he had what it took lyrical wise and delivery wise to get on a song with anybody and hold is own.

The streets loved "First 48"  so much, he decide to release another mixtape entitled "Taliban Shit" Hosted by Coast 2 Coast Dj Fatz. It included production from grammy award winner John Conte Jr (Jamie Foxx Feat T-Pain- Blame it), The Renegades (Dj Khalid Feat. T-Pain, Plies,Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross- Welcome to My Hood), and Young Shun (Rick Ross- John Doe Yo Gotti- Purple Flowers ,Grammy Nominated).

In 2011, He decided to release his 3rd mixtape "Taliban Shit II: Welcome 2 Chiraq" Hosted by the world famous "Trap-A-Holics" (Brick Sqad Dj). Where he gives you different aspect of his complexity  in words mixed  Its also included production by MayBach Music Group/ Warner Bros Super Producer Young Shun, 808 Squad, Kane Beatz (3x Grammy Nominated).

Now in 2013, The 4th and Newest mixtape is "Featuring... Yung Stef" Hosted by Detroit born Indianapolis , IN raised, label mate "Dj Keys". Where he shows his lyrical capabilities on featured songs and industry beats. His buzz is increasing day by day with his new hit single "Put That Onna Ghetto" Produced by Young Shun. With radio play all over the world, he is sure to break on the music scene. His 5th mixtape "Somethin For The Gangstas" drops at the end of the season. Since then he has performed infront of thousands of people, dominated internet radio, and had one of his songs placed in a low budget movie. Yung Stef is grinding right now trying to work his way into the music business. With motivation, ambition, and hard work  he is sure to become a factor in the streets near you.


Hustle Hendrix's Bio

Ray Watson Professionally known as Hustle Hendrixx was born in 1985.

Has been doing music professionally since 2010. Hustle depicts his former business and present work ethic. Hendrix is out of respect for barriers broken, also for the lifestyle.Hendrix Came into a verbal agreement with Bomb Baby Unlimited in June 2010 that never went further due to creative differences. In June of 2011 Hendrix founded Rockst@r Camp Ent and put out his first project "Camp Rock" , on Datpiff, which featured the Rockst@r Camp with him headlining. In November 2011 Hendrix released his follow up solo Project "The Hustle Hendrix Experience" on Datpiff and Bandcamp. Ever the show man to date Hendrix has a multitude of Performances under his belt in venues such as: Kafe Kufu, SugarHill Supper club, Pearl Studios, Karma Lounge, Sullivan Hall, Sapphire Lounge, BlackThorn 51, Trash Bar Branded Saloon and more all of which are on Youtube. Some Career Highlights include being chosen for: Coast 2 Coast mixtapes indie top 50 vols. 211, 233, 247, & 250; radio play for hnsradio.com; and being a top act at the universal records showcase 10/25/13.



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