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About Global Music Entertainment. Inc

Global Music Entertainment. Inc is a talent driven group; our mission is to provide entrepreneurship skills, artist development, artist promotion, filming, videos etc. We promote young adults and adults, also provide artist with a stage to show case their talents.

Our mission is to organize state to state tours, to artist who are ready to present a package. Artist with music get radio play. Services are provided to youth and adults from all different communities and different walks.

Our main focus is on the youth, and youth coming out the juvenile system .we would like to create a platform where they can showcase their talents such as, young graffiti artist, young painters, and young clothing designers. Music, singers, song writers, rap artist and mini movies. Because the staff at Global Music Entertainment. Inc have witnessed the problems of a large range of our youth population have become high school drop outs ,more teen pregnancies ,gang violence , broken homes that often contribute to alcohol and drug use . These issues keep them lost in the system we feel at Global Music Entertainment Inc. Has a large range of support, and different strategies which can help change the path and roads of our youth. We choose to help them follow their dreams and also lead them to completing their goals.



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