StartUp Box #QA has completed successful 2-week pilots with Nickelodeon Games and Tresensa. Currently much of this work is either “Off-Shored” which brings issues of time-zone changes, and cultural disconnections; or it is done in-house at great cost. StartUp Box is a pioneer in “Urban On-Shoring.”

StartUp Box is able to do this by taking advantage of: Crews spend one day at the client’s office to get acquainted, trained on particulars of the tasks and reporting protocols, and then spend the rest of the week working in our South Bronx facility where others can see positive economic activity in formerly vacant storefronts.

Both our employees and clients report high satisfaction with the work product and the experience.

Some of our worker-trainees have gone on to pursue higher education in related fields on their own.


If you are interested in joining a QA Crew to test games, please contact research@majoracartergroup.com




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